Fertility Drugs     Follitropin Alfa

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  Follitropin Alfa    
     Gonal -F® Serono

Branded as Gonal -F® throughout the world by Serono.

Follitropin Alfa is a gonadotrophin hormone and consists of highly purified rFSH (recombinant follicle stimulating hormone) with neither urinary proteins nor LH (lutenising hormone). Since it is very pure, it may be administered subcutaneously (just below the skin).

Follitropin Alfa is used to treat fertility problems. It is used in combination with another hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) to stimulate the ovaries in women or used alone to stimulate sperm production in men, depending on the type of fertility problem being treated by your doctor.

Serono Europe Packaging
Gonal -F® 75 IU (individual amps)
Gonal -F® 300 IU Pen
Gonal -F® 450 IU Pen
Gonal -F® 450 IU Multidose Vial
Gonal -F® 1050 IU Multidose Vial
Gonal -F® 900 IU Pen